Giant pig wrangled in Detroit, sent to sanctuary in Washtenaw County

A giant pig loose in the streets of Detroit early Friday morning will now have a new farm to call home after authorities wrangled on the city's west side. 

Video sent to FOX 2 showed the wild hog sniffing his way around homes near West Chicago and Heyden Street early Friday morning. The sightings preceded animal control opening up for the day, giving him plenty of time to enjoy his freedom.

Alas, it didn't last forever. He was eventually picked up and taken to Sasha Farms, a beautiful animal sanctuary in Manchester. 

Monte Jackson, who founded the farm where about 200 other animals also live, said it's not uncommon for animals to get loose in the city.

"They have all this urban farming going on in Detroit so people think they can have chickens and farm animals and they can't," he said. "They get cited for it and they have to get rid of it."

The rescued pig was named Frank.