Gibraltar man convicted of dismemberment now accused of peeping on neighbor

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James Bommer was arrested, accused of peeping.

Police say James Bommer lived in an apartment across from the victim, he admits to cutting up the woman's body but not to killing her. 

He was out on parole and now he's behind bars. 

Bommer was convicted in 2011 of dismembering 32-year-old Pamel Pripch and sentenced to three to 10 years in prison. 

A judge granted parole after only two years, and Bommer was living in the Metro Park Apartments in Gibraltar when a woman nearby says he was scaring her.

Police found him in pajamas and holding a bottle of hand lotion. He said he was going to see a woman, but when asked, he could not recall her name. 

"I don't know who he was," said the woman. "This point on, for about a week, he would come up and down walking. Then it kept getting stranger and stranger.

"He was in his pajamas, he was barefoot and carrying some sort of bottle. They told me it was lotion. He kept going over to door kept looking at that window and pulled his pants all the way up. I called the police."

He was arrested for window peeping. a 90-day misdemeanor but it violates Bommer's parole.

Ed Zelenak, an attorney for Southgate and Lincoln Park, represented Bommer in multiple misdemeanor cases several years ago.

"I got him in a sobriety program and pretty much got him cleaned up and straightened out," Zelenak said. "And the last warning I heard was from a judge who said I don't ever want to see you here again when you are not sober."

And Bommer had an explanation for his change in behavior.

"In court he would (tell) the judges that his problems began when he got bit from a Recluse Spider," Zelenak said. "And then he would just get off-center, off-course and mess things up. That's what he would claim was his major demon - was that Recluse Spider to the point where the judges asked him to stop speaking about it."

James Bommer is now being held in the Wayne County Jail on the window peeping charge.