'Gift of dignity' woman collects feminine hygiene for the homeless

Kourtni Worthy calls it her life's purpose, working to provide homeless and poverty-stricken women and girls in metro Detroit.

Worthy, founder of Worthy Contributions, has researched what she calls, "period poverty."

"It's really like a gift of dignity," she said. "A lot of these women use toilet paper, old socks, ripped T-shirts. That's something that happens every month, it infuriated me." 

Worthy Contributions is on the road to becoming a 501c3 organization and she says last year, she collected and donated more than $10,000 feminine hygiene products to homeless shelters and organizations - like Sanctum House.
Sanctum house in Oakland County is a safe home for survivors of human trafficking helping to heal and rebuild the lives of 12 women at a time, over a two-year period.

"When she comes in she comes with the clothes off her back. Some of them come from across the country - a place to start over," Worthy said. 

Sanctum House also offering mental and physical health services - along with supportive, educational and spiritual programs. Worthy is hoping to continue working with them - with your help.

"It's bittersweet because I feel like I help them but for one or two months?" she said.

Kourtni Worthy works to restore women's dignity

Kourtni Worthy of Worthy Creations

Worthy is also hoping to empower women - and especially young girls - by educating them. 

"It shouldn't be something associated with shame or embarrassment," she said. "We should educate these young girls to feel empowered, and be prepared." 

If you would like to volunteer, or donate to Worthy Contributions go here:

Email - WorthyKourtni@gmail.com or on Instagram @worthycontributions 

For Sanctum House (248) 574-9373. Email: Info@sanctumhouse.org and online sanctumhouse.org/about-sanctum-house/