GLWA raising water rates 3.4 percent, 2.4 for sewer starting July 1

The Great Lakes Water Authority is raising rates by 3.4 percent for water and 2.4 percent for sewer, which was recently approved in a public meeting on Wednesday.  

The GLWA supplies 88 communities with wholesale water - that's about four million households and about 2.8 million households for sewerage service. The communities do add extra charges.

"When you see inflationary increases in your home, that happens to us too," said Suzanne Coffey.

Coffey is the interim director of the Great Lakes Water Authority. She says, water and Sewage rates are going up because of Covid, supply chain issues and staffing.

"I would say the last thing that people ask about why there is a charge increase, there's definite pressure on skilled trades wages - and we employ a lot," she said.

And Great Lakes Water Authority has program to help those who can't pay, it's called the WRAP Program (see below)

"Half a percent of all of our revenues every year go to a payment assistant program," Coffey said. "So for us come in that regard, we are able to help a lot of people."
"I object to it but what can you do but try to pay it," said LaMar Godley.

FOX 2 : "Wait a minute, you work at Chrysler and just got a major profit sharing check today."

"Yes, and it's all going to go to the water bill," he quipped.

Assuming the rate increases go through, and they will, look for an increase in your bills starting July of this year.