GM: Plants won't be allocated in 2019, meaning no car or part orders

One by one, workers pulled out of the Detroit Hamtramck Assembly Plant, proudly in GM Vehicles. In the hours inside, many learned of the news. The plant they call home is at risk of being shuttered in 2019.  

"I know we're having some issues you know, building cars while everyone is driving SUVs and trucks like myself but it's kind of heartbreaking ...  Not knowing what's going on right now makes everybody kinda scared," said a worker, who did not want to be identified.

His story is mirrored inside the facility just a short few miles away from where corporate headquarters stands. More than 1,3000 work inside.

In Macomb County at the Warren Transmission Operations, 335 employees work on the GMC Acadia Chevrolet Impala Cadillac XTS and Electric Drive Unit for Chevrolet Volt Malibu Hybrid and one Buick.

The Detroit Hamtramck facility makes the Chevrolet Volt, Impala, Buick LaCrosse, and Cadillac CT6. Most of the factories are building cars that will no longer be sold in the U.S. after next year. 

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"It will be very hard for a lot of people, you know there's a lot of good people in here and a lot of people depend on these checks so yeah, it's rough around Christmas time," the worker said.

GM agreed it wouldn't idle or close plants. Officially they are saying the plants won't be allocated in 2019. What does that mean? They won't be ordering cars or parts from those plants next year. In all 14,500 workers are left asking if they're going to have a job next year. 

The five plants that will be affected by the cuts in 2019 are the Detroit Hamtramck Assembly, WarrenTransmission, Lordstown Assembly in Ohio, Oshawa Assembly in Canada, and Baltimore Operations in Maryland. It's not just the workers but other contractors who may be hit. Businesses in Hamtramck also bracing for a break in business.