Goat yoga classes take off at urban Pingree Farms

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A Detroit yoga studio is putting a spin on the ancient art - goat yoga. The one-of-a-kind classes blend the movements and stretching of yoga with the playful antics of live kid goats.

The goat yoga phenomenon started this spring at Pingree Farms, which is off Seven Mile and I-75.

"It was kind of a joke, and we thought not a lot of people would sign up; we'll just do it for fun," says Holly Glomski, the Pingree Farms Manager. "The response was overwhelming. So we have added classes continually."

FOX 2 decided to give it a try. You can see what it's like by watching Hannah Saunders' report in the video player above. (By the way, she's four months pregnant -- but we're told the class is safe and healthy for everyone.)

"It doesn't hurt. It feels good," Hannah says, as the goat is walking across her back.

"They're basically like big dogs," Glomski says. "They all have their own personalities. Some of them are goofy; some of them are more serious."

The yoga instructors call this particular class an "outward practice" instead of an "inward practice."

"Normally, in yoga, you're about clearing your mind and this is about experiencing what's outside," Glomski says.

If the cuteness isn't enough to get you in, all the money raised goes toward growing Pingree's valuable youth and community programs, like providing free fresh produce to the community and education to local children.

"It's mission is to help bring back Detroit through agriculture," says Glomski.

If you're interested there are a a handful of classes left through the end of June. If you miss your chance, goat yoga will be back next spring.

"You leave with a great big huge grin," Glomski says. "And what better experience can you have but to have fun and just be goofy?"

All the class information for this and much more can be found at www.pingreefarms.org.