Good early turnout reported at the polls for Michigan Primary

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It's our turn to decide which Democrat and which Republican should win the presidential nominations.

And with this hotly contested race-- every vote counts in today's primary, but all the action isn't just at local polling places.

The candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard, ramping up appearances, interviews, and ads.

The polls are open until 8 p.m. with a couple candidates making last minute stops and plenty of voters headed to the polls.

Hillary Clinton had some last-minute campaign stops in Detroit as voters head to the polls for Michigan's

"What's one thing you want to say to Donald Trump supporters," asked one voter.

"Ah, so much," Clinton quipped. "Maybe repent before it's too late."

The former secretary of state got a laugh from supporters. Clinton was the only candidate with stops in Detroit on Tuesday, but Gov. John Kasich campaigned in Lansing.

All of the candidates have spent time in the Great Lakes state - from the GOP debate in Detroit, the Democratic debate in Flint and a town hall with Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders Monday night.

Mrs. Hunter puts her sticker on her jacket - she says this day is not about winning, it's about voting.

"I have never missed an election and you must vote," she said. "The elected officials - it's their job to do their job - but it's our job to vote."

And people at this precinct in Farmington are taking that job seriously.

"Things are going pretty good though, I'm very happy with it," said Tony Ferrari.

Mary Neighbour and her son Jordan voting but she says her other son stayed home - he didn't want to vote.

"He said my vote doesn't matter and I'm like - yes it does," Mary Neighbour said. "And they don't realize, you know that it does count."

An uptick is expected at the polls today.

Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey said she is very impressed with the turnout. She said in the 2012 presidential election there was a 7 to 8 percent turnout and this year she is expecting a 15 percent turnout.