Good Samaritans save children from crash that killed their dad

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A horrific car accident claims the life of a metro Detroit father - the man's two children were also in the car -- but were saved

Visiting children they pulled from a burning car, a pair of heroes walked out of Ann Arbor Children's Hospital with a bittersweet feeling. Justice Moss, 17, and his friend, 36-year-old Jasper Gary-Bey saved the two kids but had heavy hearts thinking of their late father.

"I was happy they were fine, but just I was just really feeling for them for the loss of their father," Moss said.

The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office says at about 6 p.m. Sunday that 43-year-old Shawn Macomber had been driving on Willis Road in Augusta Township when somehow, he went off the road and hit a tree. These two say as another driver flagged them down, they saw flames.

Macomber was incapacitated in the front seat with his two kids in the back. 

"I didn't notice the fire at first," said Bey. "The little boy was on my side, the passenger side. Justice went around to the other side and got the girl out."

As that other driver left the scene, it was up to these two to act fast.  In the back was 3-year-old Ryder and 7-year-old Haley.

"The little girl was screaming and yelling for her dad," said Bey.

"I said we're going to try and help daddy, but we are going to get you out first," Moss said. "I grabbed her and made sure her head was stable and took her to the car."

Once the two men pulled the two children out, they tried to save their father and ripped the driver-side door off its hinges, but they say it was too late.

They say he was trapped under the dashboard.

And as police are called, flames took over the car.

"Hopefully he died upon impact," Bey said. "We want to think that and not think that he burned to death."

While Macomber's driving record shows he had been driving on an expired license that had been suspended and revoked, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office does not yet know what caused the crash.

While friends and family mourn the sudden loss of Macomber, they are focusing on little Haley and Ryder.

"She's still suffering from a concussion and she's having problems with her vision and swelling," Bey said. "But that little boy is full of life and happy and that made us happy."

Along with these guys who refuse to call themselves heroes.

"I don't see how you drive past it and not do anything," Bey said.

"That's what I would've wanted if I were in that situation," Moss said. "For my family."

CLICK HERE to donate to the family's GoFundMe which will go to the children.