GoPro video captures road rage incident

A biker's GoPro camera captured a crazy confrontation on the road.

It happened outside of Las Vegas but the man who pulled the gun, is from Irving.

Different arguments can be made for who's wrong in the situation.

The North Texas man, who is in Nevada for contract work, says he did what he did because he felt threatened.

A group of motorcyclists exchanged words and gestures first with a blue SUV and then with the occupants of a red truck.

Behind the wheel, Ricky Thornton from Irving, who spoke with us by phone.

"They were acting like idiots on the street, driving erratically and popping wheelies," said Thornton.

He said he became irritated and flipped the riders off.

The riders returned the gesture.

Thornton, who has a concealed weapons permit, says he and two coworkers exchanged words with one of the riders when he came up and started tapping on the truck's window.

 "I said get the (expletive deleted) away from my truck and I was very adamant about it," said Thornton.

Seconds later, the motorcyclist was staring down the barrel of Thornton's gun.

The rider said he did not expect to get that kind of reaction and doesn't plan on going up to someone's window in traffic.

The motorcyclist turned over all of the unedited video to police.

Thornton says he and his coworkers also gave statements.

So far, no one has been charged.