Gov. Snyder releases more emails related to Flint Water Crisis

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Gov. Rick Snyder’s office today posted four additional batches of Executive Office emails, accompanying documents and related materials from Snyder’s briefings regarding the Flint water crisis from 2011 through Jan. 5, when the state declared an emergency in the city.

After the previous 14 batches of emails were released, we continued to search for emails and materials related to the Flint water crisis as part of our ongoing effort to be transparent,” Snyder said. “By making the information easily accessible, everyone can review it, and then we can all focus on working together to find solutions and ways to move Flint forward.”

The release of these latest batches of emails is in addition to the release of Snyder’s Flint-related emails on Jan. 20 and the initial release of the Executive Office’s Flint-related emails on Feb. 26. All emails and corresponding documents that had been made available to requesting entities from state departments were also posted publicly on Feb. 12, and periodic additions continue to be made.

More than 4,000 emails pertaining to Flint water were released Thursday afternoon. They span from 2011 to January 5, 2016, when a state of emergency was declared.

The staggering volume of emails are not appear in chronological order and are being pieced together like a puzzle that show a chain of communications between state agencies, local departments and the governor himself.

One such email from September  24, 2015, from Congressman Dan Kildee's assistant shows that Kildee wanted to set up a call with Snyder regarding the water.

"He would like to do this tomorrow (September 25) due to the immediacy of the problem," the email read.

Roughly two weeks later, October of 2015, we find the first mention of the governor rearranging his schedule and canceling meetings due to a "water emergency in Flint".

Of course, the lead in the water is a major piece in the puzzle but it's not the only piece. The emails also look at the legionaires outbreak as well the why water customers we're seeing their rates increase.

NOTE: The document files are large and will take time to download. Viewing on a mobile device is not recommended. 

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