Gov. Whitmer believes a Biden win in Michigan is possible even without a strong Detroit vote

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer hasn't been quiet about which presidential candidate she's supporting, which may leave some wondering - would a Joe Biden win also secure her a spot in Washington, D.C. in his administration? 

The governor says she loves being governor and is "not looking to go to Washington, D.C.." But, of course, not looking to go isn't the same as refusing to go. 

"I know in this business you should never say never but I really cannot imagine any circumstance that I would be interested in leaving as governor of Michigan," she said, clarifying that yes, that includes a cabinet post. 

And with that out of the way, the governor is laser-focused on carrying Michigan for Biden.

But what about the turnout in Detroit? The popular wisdom is Biden needs a big bounce of votes out of Detroit to counterbalance the expected big bounce Trump will get in the rest of the state.

"I don't agree with that actually," Whitmer said. "I flipped nine counties that Donald Trump won in '16; I won them in 2018. Joe Biden has been running a statewide aggressive campaign. We're really an organization that is statewide and his vision for America appeals to people all across the state."  

She believes the former vice president had a strong enough campaign in all parts of the state to win without an exceptional showing in Detroit.

The governor confesses she has a host of concerns as this election winds down, including a two- or three-day wait to declare a winner in Michigan.

"That anxiety's going to build. And what we need to do, and I'm working very closely with Dana Nessel our (attorney general) and Jocelyn Benson who's our quarterback on this election, we want to make sure that everyone has access to timely, accurate, transparent information so people know where we are in the process, so that people don't have this expectation that as soon as the polls close we have a number. It's not going to work that way."

Does she ponder what Trump might do if he does not win?

"There could be some challenges. There could be some declarations. I've encouraged my friends in the media to refrain from magnifying that and amplifying that until we actually have information coming out of the state," she said. 

And ultimately the contest could come down to a U.S. Supreme Court decision - but that's something Gov. Whitmer said she doesn't think will happen. 

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