Gov. Whitmer gives keynote address before State of the State speech next week

Governor Whitmer gave the keynote address in downtown Detroit on Wednesday for the annual Partnership meeting. 

Speaking at the Cobo Center, her speech laid out what many can expect from both her first budget she hopes to pass this year, as well as her State of the State address next week.

"There are a couple of serious crises that we are facing," Whitmer said. "From our infrastructure to the education of our kids to closing the skills gap."

Since entering office 37 days ago, Whitmer has had an active start to her governorship, from restructuring the DEQ to ensuring Flint residents will continue to be delivered bottled water. 

She also spoke on the need for increased infrastructure, education and closing the skills gap, before concluding with a sentiment promising to avoid the partisanship she says had engulfed the federal capital.