Government employees turn to assistance as shutdown drags on

The partial government shutdown is dragging on into the fourth week with no end in sign. Last week, federal employees missed their first paycheck. 

Federal employees are at the mercy of federal lawmakers as the battle over the funding of a wall along the US-Mexico border stalls in Congress. 

One of those employees is Yvonne Allen who was working at a federal government agency in Colorado when she transferred to Michigan so she could help take care of her elderly parents. She landed a job at the EEOC but like thousands of federal government employees she is now not receiving a paycheck thanks to the government shutdown 

"I have bills that are due this week, I have bills that are coming up due and I don't know how I'm gonna pay them," Allen said.

On Monday, the mother of five went to the Veterans Trust Fund of Oakland County for help.

"I'm here now with the Veterans Trust Fund of Oakland County to try to seek some assistance to see what they can do for me and my children," Allen said.

She says she also plans to apply for unemployment benefits but isn't sure how much that will help. She's also still searching a place to live after her recent move to Michigan.

"That's another whammy for me, because whose gonna approve me for a home loan or even a lease?" 

Allen says the shutdown impacts more than government workers 

"This is not a federal employee problem - this is an American problem. If we're not working and we're not processing the things that need to be done, it trickles downhill impacting everyone," she said.