Grandfather of murdered children helped get suspect out of prison years before

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We are learning new details about an ex-convict charged with torturing his wife and killing her four children in Dearborn Heights.

So many people hear what happened to this mother and four children and ask how a man who had already killed once be allowed to kill again?  It turns out the wife's father helped the suspect get released from prison -- after he killed his first wife.

Outside her parents' Southfield home, flowers have been left for Faith Harris Green - the woman forced to watch the horrific killings of her four children by her husband, Gregory Green.

We are now learning it was actually Faith's father who pushed the parole board to release him from prison more than 10 years ago.

Pastor Fred Harris and his family are choosing not to talk about these letters he wrote to the parole board in 2005 and 2006.

In part - Harris explains they were friends before the "mishap" referring to when Green was convicted of killing his first wife in 1991. She was six months pregnant at the time.

Harris said Green "paid for his unfortunate lack of self-control and damage he caused as much as possible, and he is sorry."

In a letter written in 2006, Pastor Harris claimed Green was once a "helpful member of his church" and that his ministry deals with correcting behavior issues.

In prison, he wrote that Green showed growth and if he would be released he would be welcomed back to the church and given help to adjust.

Green was released from prison in 2008 and a couple of years later he would marry Harris' daughter Faith.

She would eventually try to end the relationship and sadly pay for that decision. Green is back behind bars accused of shooting and stabbing his wife - tying her up and forcing her to watch as he took the life of her four children - Pastor Harris' grandchildren.