Granholm: EV battery plants, union jobs, and Michigan will be mentioned in Biden SOTU

In Tuesday's State of the Union Address - the topic of Michigan should come up.  At least that's what former Governor, now Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm says.

The first Michigan topic: Incentives for building battery plants for electric vehicles.

"There's now, as a result of that, 10 factories announced in Michigan related to the whole supply chain, that's batteries for electric vehicles," Granholm said. "That's just one example."

Another Michigan example: Job talk, specifically union jobs.
"Because he is from Scranton, he's a real guy, he looks at ways to be able to elevate the power of workers, you'll definitely see that mentioned," she added.

Secretary Granholm said that gas prices she thinks are stabilized, in part, because the president released barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve.

"Ultimately, the president really wants to push people into what Michigan is really going to be known for, which is electric vehicles," Granholm said. "And I think you are going to see a lot of activity - not just in jobs but in manufacturing facilities all over the country, but largely focused in Michigan, in Kentucky, and in Georgia."

FOX 2: "Politically, we hear that the president wants to run again and Michigan is a very important state, isn't it?"

"Huge," she said. "It's one of the reasons you just moved up in the calendar, People recognize the importance of Michigan. That too is something we were trying to do, back a decade ago, or more. But now  it is actually happening."

FOX 2: "Is (Joe Biden) up for another term?"

"Totally," Granholm said.

FOX 2:  "You've seen social media people make fun of him what goes through your mind when you see that?"

"It makes me angry," she said. "And it makes me feel ... I wish people could be in the room with him, because he is always on it. He's very focused on making sure that everyday citizens get the benefit of his presidency.'"

You can see President Biden's State of the Union speech HERE.