GRAPHIC: Dog found in Detroit with chain through his neck

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Courage was found with a carabiner through his neck this week in Detroit. Photo courtesy: Detroit Dog Rescue

The photos in this story are extremely graphic, as are the details. We want to warn you before proceeding that you may see or read may be extremely disturbing. If you wish to skip the story and just want to donate, CLICK HERE to help.

The Detroit Dog Rescue is asking an important question: how did a dog get treated this poorly for this long? The reason they have to ask that question is because of what they found in Detroit this week.

A dog named courage was found a carabiner hook through the back of his neck. Attached to the hook was a 15 lb tow chain - like what is used to tow cars and trucks.

"Detroit Dog Rescue received a call from animal control that a dog came in with a carabiner - which is a mountain climber clip, attached to his throat," DDR director Kristina Rinaldi said.

DDR described the photos as something from a movie:

"This is something you see out of a horror movie," Rinaldi said. "We don't have all the details of how it happened or where he came from. It is an open investigation so we can't comment on all of it."

Courage, a three-year-old Rottweiler shepherd mix, ws taken by animal control and transfered to DDR where he underwent surgery to have the clip removed. Authorities say it was likely inside his neck for weeks.

He went in for a 3-hour surgery to have the clip removed. Now, he's a happy dog, chasing balls and running around. 

He's not out of the woods yet: he's also positive for heartworm but is getting treatment.

"I want to keep him in a home where he can have a soft bed, some treats and some extra attention. So if there's anybody interested in fostering, Courage, Detroit fill out an application and will get back to you," Rinaldi said.

The Detroit Animal Care and Control found the dog and called DDR. Now Courage is being rushed for emergency care but his bills could reach more than $6,000.

The DDR is asking for any donations you can give to help Courage. CLICK HERE to help.