Great-grandfather, mother sent to trial in boy's accidental shooting

A Detroit mother and great grandfather were in court Friday after a little boy accidentally shot himself.

The little boy shot himself in the hand and survived, but his mother, 30-year-old Andrea Drewery and his great-grandfather,  80-year-old Joseph Williams, both face child abuse and gun charges.

The boy testified that  both adults were at the home back in November... when the shooting happened.

Attorneys on both sides made their arguments.

"They both knowingly or intentionally committed the act of leaving a loaded gun where a 4-year-old could shoot himself through the hand," said the assistant prosecutor.

"There is no connection with her to this gun, none," said one of the defense attorneys. "The gun was in the grandfather's room. She was in her room."

The judge sent both Drewery and Williams to trial on all charges. Williams was given a $30,000 bond. Drewery must wear a tether.

Both are allowed supervised visits with the child.