Green party: Newly legal, Michiganders celebrate marijuana

"December sixth 2018 the weed has been freed," said Dan Reyes.

Reyes, of Pontiac, was passing out free doobies Thursday, feeling jolly on the first day marijuana was legal in Michigan.
Since the November 6th election which allows those over 21 to use pot recreationally, The Reef in Detroit got 700 calls the next day and 200 this Wednesday.

Marijuana now legal in Michigan - what you need to know
"We are moving forward, the negative stigmas are kind of moving back to the past," said Evan Pilot, owner of The Reef.

People are simply curious about where they can get some of this or how they grow their own.
"We start you out from learning how to grow from basics to advanced," said Adam from the American Medical Marijuana Association.

So FOX 2 decided to pop into Heavy Harvest in Pontiac to get some gardening gear.

"You're going to need a t-5 light, a veg light for growing," said Joe Nelson of Heavy Harvest.
To grow 12 plants don't forget that's the limit and they must be out of view, Nelson says it will cost you roughly $500 to a $1,000 depending on the size and will take about four months.

Nelson has been growing his own for about six years and recommends special soil.

"It's like the coconut fibers off a coconut. and it holds moisture a little better than dirt," he said.

There are plenty of nutrients available to help you grow and a lot to learn. 

Another reminder you can't just buy your marijuana. But, someone can give you some - 2.5 ounces or less, that is.
Nelson agrees with Reyes, saying it's all about patience and make sure you do your research so you don't break the new law.