Greenfield Village honors veterans with Civil War reenactment

Those wanting to honor our veterans on Memorial Day can take a trip to the past at Greenfield Village this holiday weekend.

"The Henry Ford (Museum) honors all of our veterans in such a special way, especially this weekend -- those who served in the Civil War," said reenactor J.J. Przewozniak.

Hundreds are bringing history to life with a Civil War reenactment this weekend featuring clothing, weapons and more from the time period.

Throughout the village, there are battle tactic demonstrations, exhibits, presentations and hands-on activities for the entire family to enjoy.

"I like seeing all the cannons get ready to act out the Civil War," said village visitor Isaac Clark.

Kelsey Watkins and her family drove from Toledo to take part in this history lesson.

"The Civil War is something that's often forgotten because it's a black mark in our history. It should be remembered," she said.

Organizers said the event is a great way to honor Memorial Day.

"The event culminates on Monday at noon, when we're going to have a very nice Memorial Day ceremony and a moment of silence to honor all of the fallen soldiers," Przewozniak said.

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