Grilling gadgets put to Fame or Shame test - scout's honor

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When it comes to a real man's burger that sissy spatula is not going to cut it.

You need the Mr. Bar-B-Q Stainless Steel Oversized Spatula.

But when it comes to dessert, the barbecue boss is still making his S'mores the old fashioned way.

And face it, your S'mores are bores.

Now there's the Hershey's S'mores Melting Tray. Just line up the crackers, chocolate and marshmallows and you've got perfect S'mores every time.

Will these barbecue cooking tools make you the big cheese of the block party or will they make you the laughing stock of the block? 

Will they get Fame or Shame?

These are real Eagle scouts,  scout's honor. Brothers Jake and Brock are both now college students with their own off-campus pads. 

Wolchek: Do you guys grill at home? 

"A little bit," Jake said. 

"He does, I watch, I eat," Brock said.

Let's see how their scouting skills work out at the barbecue.
We throw a few chicken breasts on the grill and Wolchek shows them the oversize spatula.  It's been dubbed the "big kahuna."

"That's pretty heavy duty," Jake said. 

The design is as brilliant as a Swiss army knife as the handle folds up.

Time for these guys to earn some burger cooking merit badges.

"How many do you want me to do," Jake said.

"All of them," Wolchek said. "You got the big kahuna of spatulas."

The package photo shows a non-scout handling four burgers at once, let's see how Brock does.

 "Four burgers.  here's we go.  Whoah.  that one got a little mangled though."

 So far, the big kahuna is making a big mess of Wolchek's lunch.

Wolchek: "Three chickens at once."

"Three chickens at once, not really," Brock said. "It flipped a couple times in the air, there."

"Maybe if you're doing trick cooking," Jake said.

Brock goes for five and they all flipped successfully.

"I'd say burgers cook great in a massive pile like that," Jake quipped.

"I think they do," Brock said.

After awhile, the scouts are Svengali of the spatula.

The best part of a scout trip - the  chow.

But a scout works best in the wilderness.  We head off to the forest, luckily it's right behind the pool.  Wolchek's a city guy.

 "From what I understand, S'mores is a Boy Scout thing," Wolchek said.

"Yeah, anybody who has a campfire can make them," Jake said. "Boy scouts make them a lot because we have campfires a lot."

The boys gather sticks and kindling are build what they say is a classic tepee for the fire.  

Brock toasts a marshmallow on a twig until browned to perfection.

 "Can you hand me the chocolate please," he said.

"It's a little soft," Jake said.

"Next to the fire is probably not the best storage for a chocolate bar," Brock said.

 Now the taste test.

"Chocolatey on one side and burned on the other," Brock said.

Wolchek's marshmallow over the fire is a disaster.

"So we did it.  it was hard work," Wolchek said. "Now we're going to go do it the way the sophisticated people do it."

The Hershey S'mores melting tray is simple. 

Just line up two rows of graham crackers. and put marshmallows on one side and chocolate on the other.

 Place the Hershey tray on a preheated grill.  So far, way easier than building a campfire.

 "All right, it says close it up and let it cook for two to three minutes," Jake said reading the directions.

The scouts use their sundials to time out a minute. Actually ...

"I can smell them so lets take a look," Jake said. 

"Holy smokes look at that," said Wolchek.

 Next, as directed, they use an oven mitt to move tray to table.

Jake reads from the directions.

"For easy removal use a spatula to push the crackers to the back lip and lift off the melting tray."

We use a regular spatula to remove the S'mores and they look way better than the messy ones we made in the woods.

The scouts are swayed. 

"Very good," Jake said.

Both products get a Fame rating.

Fame or Shame test aren't scientific, they are just real people testing real products. 

Everyone who tasted the S'mores we made with the melting tray said they were the best they ever had. It actually toasts the crackers which adds some flavor.

The oversized spatula is hard to handle at first, but once mastered, pretty awesome. It is also good for cooking pizza on the grill according to our Monica Gayle.