Grosse Ile police kill loose bull running across island

Grosse Ile police euthanized a bull on Monday after it rampaged across the island ending a seven-hour effort trying to wrangle the animal, the department said.

Six police officers, two animal control officers, a veterinarian, firefighters and residents tried to contain the bull, which was estimated to be between 500 and 600 pounds.

When the bull was first spotted at 12:42 p.m., it was being chased by its owner on foot near Lorie and Ferry.

"Attempts to use fencing, a portable round pen and roping were unsuccessful," a released from Grosse Ile PD said.

The bull was demonstrating unpredictable behavior police said, adding that it ran through yards, onto patios and across roadways.

"As the situation drew attention, more residents came to the area on foot and in vehicles, increasing the risk of harm to the public and reducing the ability of first responders to contain the animal," the police statement said.

Grosse Ile police say a request for help was made to every law enforcement in Wayne County, the DNR, and a Macomb County shelter but no resources were provided.

"The owner indicated that the bull could not be controlled and gave permission to dispatch the animal," police said. 'It was determined that in the best interest of the public, the bull would be euthanized, and once it moved into a safe area, a member of the police department was able to safely put the animal down."

An animal control officer suffered only minor injuries during the seven-hour effort to control the bull.

Grosse Ile police said the investigation is in coordination with the Michigan Department of Agriculture.