Grosse Pointe Farms couple celebrates Independence Day with big display

Mark and Denise Van Sile celebrate the Fourth of July in a big way.

"The display gets bigger every year," Denise said.

Their patriotism is put on display for all to see and understand why they value their freedom.

"My father, he was a lieutenant commander in the Navy from 1942 to 1957," Mark said. "It's a lot of sacrifices, the loneliness; the longing for family is difficult. So I always like to give a little back for the holiday."

For more than two decades, this Grosse Pointe Farms couple decorates their home every Fourth of July.

They say it takes about 20 hours to put up all these decorations, which include inflatables, flags and numerous lights.

People who see this patriotic home often stop by to express their gratitude.

"A lot of children will stop by on their bikes and they'll look up and they just have this excited look on their face," Denise said.

"The thank you from a veteran makes it all worthwhile," Mark said.

The couple says the display goes up one week before the Fourth of July and one week later it comes down except for a fireworks tree.

The Van Siles say the fireworks tree won't come down until September 11.

"Nine-11 is when our country was attacked. We grouped together. The United States, no matter what the issue is, we have our problems but we always come together in times of need and that reflects that," Mark said.