Grosse Pointe Farms Park closes after chase, multiple suspects in custody

A park in Grosse Pointe Farms was not able to open on time Saturday because police were investigating an incident involving a white Charger that broke through a locked gate and landed in Lake St. Clair. 

"In this area on Lake Shore Drive in Grosse Pointe, you have a lot of early morning joggers and they could have been killed," said a concerned resident. 

The incident was sparked by a scene originating in Detroit at Hoover and 7 Mile. 

"Some sort of altercation and shooting. A white Dodge Charger then fled that scene and was chased by several vehicles down through 7 Mile and into Grosse Pointe Farms Pier Park," said Det. Lt. Antonino Trupiano of Grosse Pointe Farms Police. 

At that time, the suspects fired more gunshots at the Charger as it drove down to the area next to the boathouse and into the lake. 

"One person got out before the vehicle went in and he subsequently jumped in the water," Trupiano said. "He eventually got out the water and we did call EMS for him and he is in the hospital for non-life threatening injuries."

Although the suspects left the location, police located them a shortly after. 

"We recovered three vehicles total. We have several suspects in custody. We did recover several firearms found from one of the vehicles along with numerous rounds of ammunition," Trupiano said. 

Police won't say how many suspects were captured, but they say there could be others on the run. 

And as the park reopened just after 10a.m. on Saturday, the Charger was removed from the lake. 

However, residents are still in shock. 

"We just have to be really careful," said resident Linda MacLake. "There are a lot of people with babies, on bikes and stuff and with kids."

As the investigation continues, police are working to collect surveillance video and speak witnesses. 

If you have any information, you are asked to contact the Grosse Pointe Farms Police Department.