Grosse Pointe real estate agent accused of having sex in clients' homes

Six homeowners in the pointes say instead of showing the homes to clients, their real estate agent was busy having sex in their beds.

Scott Adlhoch's website says he's a real estate agent in a group that's been selling Grosse Pointe real estate for more than 30 years.

But Attorney General Bill Schuette says that Adlhoch has been having sex in some of the houses that he listed. 

"First of all, I hope it's not true, second of all, I am absolutely horrified," a neighbor said.

The complaint by the Department of Licensing says from June 2013 to roughly February 2015 in six different houses in Grosse Pointe,  Adlhoch "committed his sexual rendezvous without the permission or knowledge of the homeowners."

In two homes, he allowed his woman to conduct therapy sessions with her professional counselor.

The homeowner who bought one of the homes had no idea. 

But those in the real estate business know what to say.

"They even trusted their property with us to market it and get it sold, not to use it for personal anything," said real estate broker Marlene Paulson.

Adlhoch got caught when the woman's husband intercepted her texts which detailed the rendezvous. The woman's husband is a real estate agent too. 

It's probably not against the law to have sex in a listed home, but that's not what this is about. This is about whether this real estate agent should keep his license.

FOX 2 attempted to contact Adlhoch, but he was unreachable for comment.