Grosse Pointe school board candidate blasts education resume allegation by voter

After FOX 2's first report about a claim by a voter questioning the teaching credentials of Grosse Pointe school board candidate Ginny Jeup aired Wednesday, Jeup took to her Facebook page.

In her online statement, she called out FOX 2 and posted a teacher's certificate from 1993. It was listed from the Massachusetts Department of Education and lists Jeup’s maiden name — Virginia Reilly.

Still on Jeup’s campaign website, Jeup says she has a K-5 teaching degree from the University of Massachusetts.

FOX 2 called UMass-Dartmouth’s registrars office and asked about her degree.

"It says she has a degree in arts and social sciences," said the employee.

FOX 2: "So, she did not graduate with a teaching degree?"

"She does have some certificate courses but not a degree," she said.

Also, on Thursday, FOX 2 noticed a change of wording in her bio. On Wednesday, Jeup called herself a school nurse.

Hours later, that section was changed to Jeup volunteered in the school clinic.

For context, most states — including Michigan — require school nurses to have a degree in nursing or health-related field.

A concerned voter emailed FOX 2 Wednesday — saying she independently vetted Grosse Pointe school board candidates and had questions about Ginny Jeup.

In a phone conversation with Jeup, she told us she is a certified teacher but didn’t share her credentials with FOX 2 at the time.

Throughout this process, Jeup hadn’t responded to our phone calls but did respond to an email.

Jeup said she would speak about the issue on Friday with FOX 2.