Grosse Pointe South students suspended for racist pictures

Grosse Pointe South High School students are facing the consequences after school officials discovered pictures displaying the N-word across their stomachs.

"I was really, really disgusted by it. I was not happy," said Phelan Johnson, who attends Grosse Pointe South High School. "I just think that the people who go to this school are getting a good education and that this isn't a result of stupidity, it's a result of racism."

According to Superintendent Gary Niehaus, the pictures were taken at a party off campus over the weekend and posted to social media.

The students in the photos were reported to school officials, which led to a new problem.

"The threats were basically around the whole idea of snitches and why did you tell on these four?"  Niehaus said.

School officials said all four students in the pictures and two students engaging in threatening behavior have been suspended for five days.

"I think that they should be suspended but I also think that there should be more discussion about it and discussion about racial awareness," Johnson said.

As school officials continue to look into incident, they said the police are also investigating. A letter was sent home to parents about the incident.

School officials said they hope this type of behavior from students will not continue, and that students learn a lesson about social media.

"What you post on there really doesn't ever come down," Niehaus said.