Groundskeeper pulls gun on man amid constant harassment over property line

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"It is not every day that you have your neighbor's landscaper hold yourself, your child and your mother-in-law at gunpoint," said Steve Coughlin. 

It all started back in November when Steve Coughlin says he and his wife planned to build on a piece of property on Monarch Drive property she's had since the mid-1980s.

One issue is, the property is on the Oakland-Livingston county line. Most of the property is in Lyon Township, some in Green Oak Township. Neighbors there are disputing how much of the property is theirs after taking care of it over the years.
"It comes down to a patch of grass," Coughlin said.

Coughlin says over the past few months that two neighbors have been vandalizing the property. He says one neighbor moved their mailbox onto it - and even planted trees. And that's not all.
"When we arrive I can see immediately that vehicles are parked in front, blocking and denying access," Coughlin said.

But a few weeks ago Coughlin says the dispute over property turned violent. He says when he brought a contractor over to install their driveway, one neighbor came at him.

"Thump, he strikes me in the right side of my face, over a driveway," Coughlin said. 

Coughlin says the neighbor also pushed his contractor, injuring his leg.
"He then states to my father, 'You want some too, old man?'" Coughlin said.

He said just a few days after the assaults - he stopped by to visit his mother-in-law and heard someone mowing the lawn on his property. 

Coughlin says he had only seen the man before, cutting the grass for his neighbors. He says he kindly asked the man to leave. But then... Coughlin says when the man stopped - and shut off the mower.

"I see him clearly reach into his pants he clearly draws (his gun) on us," Coughlin said. "I had every reason to believe at that point in time that this man was going to shoot me."

Coughlin called police and Oakland County Sheriff Deputies arrested that mower - 24-year-old Michael Superczynski.

He was later charged with carrying a concealed weapon, felonious assault and felony firearm. Superczynski was bonded out two days later. His attorney - unable to comment on the case and one of the neighbors involved - was not willing to comment either.

But that's because another neighbor, choosing to remain anonymous, says they are afraid of retaliation. He also says Michael Supercyznski is a "good guy," has severe anxiety and was likely provoked.  But Coughlin says he didn't provoke him at all.
"Would you send your child out to play in that neighborhood?" Coughlin said.