Group using tiny houses to help Detroit homeless problem

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They are the fastest growing trend in real estate, now a local group is hoping tiny houses can solve one of Detroit's biggest problems.

Living in and out of abandoned houses, it changes when you have the opportunity to have your own place.

Patrick Jones says he was one of Detroit's homeless

"I had to live out on the street then go through a whole bunch of homeless shelters, one on Woodward and one at the VA," said Jones.

He finally found a new start through programs at Cass Community Social Services, now rolling out a new way to help the homeless and building tiny homes they can live in and own.

"We're looking to solve a couple problems at the same time," said Rev. Faith Fowler,  Cass Community Social Services.  "We have massive amounts of vacant land here and abandoned houses, we have a number of homeless people who have come through our program who are ready to move on to affordable housing and there's a lack of it here in the city."

The 24 homes being built in Detroit will be fully functioning, between 300 and 450 square feet. Located right off the Lodge near Woodrow Wilson and Elmhurst Street.

"It will actually also add to the development of this community," Fowler said.

The idea is borrowed from other parts of the country where there are similar homes, like this one in Orlando. 

It won't be long until they're up and running, the houses are expected to be built by the end of the summer.

To stay there won't be free. Each resident will be on a low income payment plan, a stepping stone to own a tiny home, and maybe then, something bigger in the future.

Extra help which Jones says, is just what this part of town needs.

"It's a huge help out for the homeless community," Jones said.

Groups and volunteers are needed to help build the houses? Contact info can be found at their website: