Groups team up to build home for adult with autism

A unique construction project is happening in Auburn Hills where volunteers are building a home, brick-by-brick, for adults with autism.

Volunteers from Bank of America, Habitat for Humanity and Homes for Autism have teamed up to build a new house for an adult with autism.

The project is part of Bank of America's global build week. Thousands of employees are working on 88 volunteer efforts across the country this week.

"This is really important to us and we know when the family does move in, it's going to mean a lot to them," said Scott Ward with Bank of America.

Organizers say there is a serious lack of support for adults with special needs.

The home will have three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and will be compliant with the American Disability Act.

"Providing this type of home ... in a quiet environment is a great place for people to live and grow up," said Bill Schramm, president of Homes for Autism.