Guess this dog's breed and win salsa and chips for a year from Detroit Salsa Co.

(Photo: Detroit Salsa Co.)

Over the winter, Detroit Salsa Co. gained a pet when a dog was found running around Lincoln Park when the windchill was below zero. 

The dog was appropriately named Chip. Now, the Downriver salsa maker is using Chip to raise money to help nearby animal rescues.

Detroit Salsa sent in Chip's DNA recently, and is holding a contest to guess his breed or breeds. For $5, you can guess what breeds make up the cute pup. The money raised will be split between Golden Leash in Wyandotte and Friends of the River Rouge Animal Shelter, two organizations that Detroit Salsa says helped when they found the dog. 

(Photo: Detroit Salsa Co.)

Guesses should include percentages of each breed you think Chip is.

The person who guesses his make-up correctly will get two jars of salsa and two bags of chips each month for a year. If more than one person guesses the breeds correctly, a winner will be chosen randomly.

(Photo: Detroit Salsa Co.)

To enter your guess, message the company on Facebook, drop by the business at 3464 Fort St. in Lincoln Park, or email