Gun-carrying Dundee gas station clerk scares off robber

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In Dundee a would-be robber got cold feet after he was confronted by an armed gas station clerk.

But police say that same suspect was caught on surveillance up to no good, again.

A clerk in Dundee turned the tables on a gas station robber.

"It was a good ending and it sent the message don't try and rob the BP in Dundee," said David Uhl, the Dundee city manager.

Around 6:15 a.m. Saturday at a BP gas station, a suspect walked in and made a demand.

"'Put all your money in my bag' and laid the bag up on the counter," Uhl said. "The clerk is a CPL holder and reached under the counter and pulled out his .45.

"The guy responded 'This is a joke, I'm out of here' and took off in his car."

The location of the gas station is near the freeway which makes it a target, but clerks are encouraged to legally carry, and defend themselves legally, putting would-be robbers on notice.
Police in Dundee commend his action, saying this is the Second Amendment on display.
Unfortunately it didn't seem to deter the criminal.

"He went to Milan and then Pittsfield and he used the gun," Uhl said. "He showed the gun at those locations."

Released video shows of the robbery of a BP in Milan. The suspect was armed with gun in hand and a bandana over his face. The clerk then gave up the money.

The owner of the Milan gas station isn't convinced his employees should all be armed.

"If you are going to have a weapon here, you don't want a discharge and some innocent person gets shot," said Ken Meads, the Milan BP owner.

Meads argues good surveillance and trusting police work will be enough to keep robberies to a minimum. That way no one get hurt.

"Try and get them out of the door without any confrontation," he said.

No one was hurt in any of the three crimes while police continue to look for the criminal.