Gun rights group suing Eastpointe over 'unique' law prohibiting guns in unlocked vehicles

A pro-gun rights group is suing the city of Eastpointe over an ordinance that mandates all cars that people store their guns in must be locked.

The law in question took effect in October following a rise in reported gun thefts from vehicles located in the city. Eastpointe's Public Safety Director George Rouhib told the Detroit News that 60 gun thefts had been reported in the past three years. 

The trend prompted the city to enact a provision punishing anyone who left a firearm in an unlocked vehicle with a $350 fine or 90 days in jail.

The city is now being sued over the law by Michigan Gun Owners, Inc., which argues that state law preempts local governments from regulating possession and transportation of firearms. 

The plaintiff in the case includes an Eastpointe resident. 

The mayor of Eastpointe says she can't comment at this time because she hasn't received the lawsuit. Attorney Jim Makowski who filed the suit says it should be served soon and the city has 21 days to respond.

The Michigan Municipal League says the city's law is unique and there isn't another one it could find in the state like it.