Gunfire strikes home of mother and children in Detroit neighborhood

Neighbors are concerned after gunfire rang out in a Detroit neighborhood early Friday.

LaKisha Lofton found a bullet hole in her home on the 20,000 block of Sorrento.

Specifically, the hole was found in a window in a room where her disabled son would often sleep.

The incident happened around 1 a.m. Friday, waking up a number of concerned neighbors on the street.

"We're just trying to keep it a nice neighborhood, which it's always been," said neighbor Steven Teamer.

He said he heard roughly 15 shots in rapid succession.

"You figure those kind of shots they're after someone, somebody's asking for help," Teamer said.

But as far as police know at this point, there are no victims that were hit during this gunfire.

Neighbors did what they could to help police by trying to preserve evidence.

"I just kind of kicked the shells to the curb because vehicles were just continuing to run over them," Teamer said.

A move police were grateful for as they came out to investigate the shooting.