Hall of Shame: Robert Shumake - big shot busted

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He portrays himself as a hero.  A brilliant businessman who is spreading his wealth and wisdom around the world.

But has he really been out of the country to help people?  Or was it to avoid facing criminal charges back at home? Problem Solver Rob Wolchek investigated Mr. Big Shot in 2010.
As soon as the attorney general's office found out he was in Michigan, they busted him - and he also has a warrant for his arrest in California. 

You sure wouldn't know from looking at this guy's Facebook page.

Robert Shumake is free on $15,000, 10-percent bond. However, this isn't the only criminal case he may be facing.
Robert Shumake has a warrant for his arrest in California. And according to a police report, last June Robert Shumake was caught with several pounds of marijuana and $121,000 in cash outside a Shasta County motel.

The criminal complaint says Shumake is wanted for felony possession of marijuana for sale and possession of money or instruments over $100,000. 
The complaint says the money was for the unlawful transportation and purchase of marijuana.

FOX 2 got no comment from Shumake on the California warrant but on the Michigan charges but we did get this statement.

"This is nothing more than an example of prosecutorial misconduct, pure and simple. The completely baseless claims stem from actions that allegedly occurred back in 2009. 
"We've seen over zealous, media hungry prosecutors with grand political ambitions who ignore the actual facts, be thwarted by a fair judge and an impartial jury before; and that will happen here."