Halloween combined for preschoolers and senior citizens at Clawson Rec Center

The Clawson Recreation Center is hosting a Halloween for all ages. 

The center houses both the Spanish For Toddlers Preschool, along with Clawson's senior citizen program. They're combining the programs for a special Halloween treat. 

On Monday, seniors handed out candy to the preschoolers, and on Tuesday the center is hosting a Halloween party for both programs.

Preschool director Maria Van Dyke says it brings so much joy to the seniors on days like this when they can combine the two programs.

"I think it's very nice for the students and the seniors to have that interaction," she says. "I think it's very important to spend some time with seniors because some of them are very lonely, so maybe this is the only little guys they'll see throughout the day and spend some time with them." 

"I think we have more fun than they do!" says Dora Laferle. "To see their smiles, it makes us happy."

Spanish For Toddlers is a Spanish immersion program for young children that combines the Montessori philosophy of education.