Hamtramck resolution being considered would keep LGBTQ Pride flag off city-owned property

Residents and business owners say LGBTQ pride Flags in Hamtramck are being targeted.

"It’s disturbing to see for a lot of people in Hamtramck," said Karen Majewski, former Hamtramck mayor. "I have the Pride flag in my business it was stolen the first flag I had out, so now I keep it inside the window."

"It’s been torn off my porch three times now," said resident Thomas Stackpoole.

Majewski said she is disappointed at the incident and says it doesn't represent what the city is all about.

The city’s former mayor believes a resolution which prevents the placement of some flags on city-owned property also does not represent the city.

"We are a welcoming community," she said. "When I look at this resolution I see a step backward."

Hamtramck’s mayor is backing the resolution which will not allow these flags on city-owned property.

"We are confirming the neutrality of the City of Hamtramck we decided to stay neutral," said Mayor Amer Ghalib. "Flags that pertain to any religious, racial, ethnic or sexual-oriented group (would not be allowed). Exceptions are the American flag, state and city flags, POW MIA."

International Flags are also protected.

Council members will hear public comments on the resolution at Tuesday’s council meeting before they have to cast a vote on the resolution.

The mayor says this resolution has noting to do with promoting hate if anything it prevents it.

"To close the door for racist groups, radical groups, who ask to fly their flags," he said.

But advocates for the LGBTQ plus community are not convinced and plan to speak out at Tuesday’s Council meeting.

"The message to the mayor and the voting membership is to not hide behind this resolution and go ahead and make their hate publicly known because we can all see it," said Gracie Cadieux.