School bus crashes into daycare in Dearborn, destroys pillar

A school bus crashed into a daycare in Dearborn on Monday, causing one of the pillars holding up the front of the building to collapse. 

A security camera captured the school bus as it drove onto the sidewalk and into the column outside Bambi Land Child Care on West Warren Avenue, after 5 p.m. 

Nabil Fawzi, a co-owner of the daycare who was present during the incident, stated that about four children were inside the building when the crash occurred – in addition to some parents and a few employees.

"I was thinking… something happened to her, the driver," Fawzi said. "We didn’t know until she stopped. The people came out and pulled her out, and she told us something got stuck under her brake."

According to witnesses, the bus driver said a water bottle got stuck under the brake pedal.

A school bus destroyed one of the pillars outside a Dearborn daycare on Monday, April 22, 2024.

The security footage also shows people running to the scene in the middle of the evening rush. Fawzi said way more children would have been inside the building if it happened any earlier.

"If she came during the day… the center has over 100 kids, almost," Fawzi said. "If she hit the actual building, that would be some damage."

Dearborn Police are still investigating what caused that driver to lose control. No injuries were reported.