Handled with no care: home recording devices show shabby deliveries

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A Macomb Township couple watched a delivery truck arrive on their Ring doorbell - and didn't like what they saw.

"I took a quick look to see what was happening at my house and I saw I had a vehicle coming up my driveway," said homeowner Dave Persyn. "It [was coming up so quickly] I thought it was going to hit my garage door."

Despite the urgency,Persyn knew in a minute this wasn't St. Nick.

"The person rolled down the window and threw my package out the window," he said. "I am not sure why they didn't make it to the porch - but certainly that's where I wished they were going to."

Handled without care - so Persyn sprang to the internet to see what was the matter. 

"I put it up on the Ring Neighborhood so people can be aware of what's going on," he said. It was then he realized he wasn't alone.

A FOX 2 viewer shared a video from the Waterford area, saying they even paid extra for handling. But on video the delivery man tosses the box at the front porch.

"It could a have been a toy for a child and this time of year we don't want to break anyone hearts and ruin Christmas," Persyn said. "Drivers should just take ownership and do the right thing."

After all, you never know who could be watching.  

"No hard feelings, I just wish the driver would do the right thing," he said. "And hopefully when the driver sees this story when they do the routes they will do the right thing."