Handyman arrested after stabbing in Grosse Pointe Farms

An arrest has been made after a well-known interior designer was found badly beaten and stabbed outside his home in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan State Police confirms to FOX 2.

Police say the 49-year-old man under arrest is a handyman in the neighborhood.

According to Grosse Pointe Farms Police, Daniel Clancy was getting home from the store when he was approached by the suspect. The two went inside the 69-year-old's 8,400 square foot house, and some sort of fight or struggle broke out.

Clancy was found injured on the sidewalk outside his house, and his hands were bound with duct tape. Police believe Clancy was attacked inside the home and then he ran outside, where he was discovered by a neighbor.

Doctors originally did not expect Clancy to survive but he survived surgery. He is, although, still in critical condition days later.

The suspect, who police have not yet named, is also in the hospital currently in police custody. Police say he's in the hospital for a drug overdose but did not elaborate on when the suspect was arrested. 

Chief Daniel Jenson in Grosse Pointe Farms says neighbors were instrumental in leading police to the suspect, as they often recommend handymen to each other in this close-knit community. 

"We were able to get a first name and then we were able to go online - my detectives spent hours checking Facebook pages, trying to come up with names - but the neighbors were instrumental," Jenson says. "There's still a lot of work to be done yet but we are 100 percent sure we have our man."

Police believe the motive was robbery.