Harrison Township man sentenced to life in prison for first degree murder

Despite an initial charge and subsequent conviction of first degree murder, 55-year-old David Erwin Unger is maintaining his innocence.

"This is a tragedy for everyone inolved and I'm...I'm innocent of these charges," Unger told the court room.

Unger has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole following a reported homicide last September. The shooting happened on the 11800 Block of Freud where Unger had a business. Two men, 56-year-old Mark Siecinski of Clarkston and another 63-year-old man were appraising and securing the property due to it falling under the control of the courts. 

Unger, armed with a hand gun shot the two men, killing Siecinski and wounding the other.

"You should never have done that," said the 63-year-old man. "He was a kind guy, honest. He would have gave you anything in that boat yard. It's a stupid thing to do."

Siecinski's brother also spoke at the sentencing.

"I can only surmise that the evil piece of human debris is a pathetic diabolical egotistical coward who deserves and will rot in hell," said Michael Siecinski.