Hate crime turned hoax; Cobo name change

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Part 1: Hate crime turned hoax?

The hate crime turned apparent hoax in Chicago.

Why did Jussie Smollett allegedly make the whole thing up, and what was he hoping to accomplish? Will this entire ordeal make it harder for the real victims to be believed?

Part 2: Cobo name change

This week saw a new name for Cobo Center, closing another chapter on Detroit's racist past.

Can these kinds of steps heal old wounds?

On the panel:

Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-Southfield) former Southfield mayor.
Dr. Sabrina Jackson, therapist, talk show host and weekly contributor to FOX 2.
Don Tanner, co-founder Tanner-Friedman, the strategic communications firm. 
Ron Edwards, conservative Republican talk show host.

Part 3: On the Road

Charlie Langton asks metro Detroit if they agree with renaming landmarks in the area that are associated with racist figures of our history.