Hateful graffiti visible outside Hamtramck home

Officials are working to discover who is responsible for hateful graffiti scrawled on a fence outside a home in Hamtramck.

As many work to spread words of joy and peace this holiday season, one neighborhood is working to erase hate. 

"This right here is wrong, I grew up here and this is something - we don't stand for this," Thomas Jones said.

Mayor Karen Majewski and many neighbors have spoken out about the vandalism, spray painted on a fence located on Trowbridge. Residents say it first appeared in the summer, but attempts to cover it up do not appear to be working.

FOX 2 went to the homeowner's door and did not get an answer, but their neighbors believe as community members stand up to speak out against hate, they also hope that someone will standup to paint over this graffiti so it's not seen in their neighborhood at all.

"Find someone to come out here and repaint it that be good," Leo Tufeksaid.

"I would assume they would be grateful for any help they could get to cover this over," Majewski said. "It's clearly visible and anybody driving by there and seeing that would notice it and I'm sure would be as disturbed as I was."

Still the mayor makes it clear that any efforts to assist should be worked out with homeowner because it is private property. Police say right now there are no leads and their investigation continues.

But Tufek, who contacted the Fox 2 Problem Solvers about the vandalism, says it's crucial people realize Hamtramck is a community that celebrates diversity and one another.