Heads up: No cell phones allowed at Chris Rock's show at Fox Theatre

We've all been there -- watching a concert and all you can see is a sea of cell phone screens.

Comedian Chris Rock is performing in Detroit this weekend and hopes to change that. He's enforcing a strict no phone policy. Absolutely no phones, smart watches, cameras or recording devices are allowed, and if you're caught with one you'll be ejected. You can either leave them at home or in the car, or lock them in a special pouch.

The pouch comes courtesy of a company called Yondr, which founded itself on creating phone-free spaces. "In a technology-filled world, Yondr is the easiest way to maintain authenticity, privacy and exclusivity," its website reads.

Here's how the Yondr technology works.

As ticketholders enter the Fox Theatre's lobby for Rock's show, you'll place your phone in a Yondr case. By the time you're at your seat, the case will automatically lock and you won't be able to get to your phone. When the show is over, you'll head back out to the lobby where the pouch will open at an unlocking station. (If at any point you want to check your phone, you'll have to leave the show and go to one of the unlocking stations in the lobby.) 

Chris Rock says he wants his fans to focus on his performance and not watch him through a screen. This has been his policy on all tour stops, not just in Detroit.

Deena says her friend saw the show in Columbus, and had to put her phone in a pouch and was even asked by an attendant to turn off her Apple Watch. The policy has been getting mixed reactions on social media since FOX 2 talked about it on The Nine Tuesday. 

Some are for the policy and are happy to give up their cell phones and "live in the moment."

The policy also prevents videos from spreading and going viral that could construe the comedian's jokes or take them out of context. It also prevents others from seeing his material online and stealing it.

Others, though, say the policy is too much of an inconvenience and to just let the patrons be.

"Don't tell me how I should "experience" you," Maurielle says. "Plus, what if there's an emergency? There are other things happening in the world besides Chris Rock's show."

You can listen to the discussion on The Nine in the video player above. You can weight in with your opinion on social media and tag in FOX 2 or #TheNine.

One big question everybody has, regardless of if you are for or against the pouches, is -- how long will this take? Getting hundreds of people through the unlocking stations will surely take some extra time. So, it's recommended you arrive a little earlier than normal to get through the line.

Another thought -- we're wondering if this technology could be incorporated in cars, especially for teen drivers. Deena joked, too, that she'd like these pouches in her house for her teen kids.

Chris Rock has three performances this weekend at The Fox on Friday, April 28, Saturday, April 29 and Sunday, April 30. Friday and Saturday's shows are sold out. You can check ticketmaster.com or the box office for tickets for Sunday's show. 

You can read more about the Yondr technology at overyondr.com