Health Works: 7-step plan to losing weight in 2015

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Health Works

To come up with a plan, Lisa Cimperman, clinical dietitian at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, says you might want to meet with a dietitian - someone who can help you know where you're going wrong. 

"Being accountable to someone and having that support system is going to be essential for whatever you are going to do," said Lisa Cimperman.

So once you have a partner,  come up with a plan!

"Write down a plan," Cimperman said. "Be very specific about what you're going to do to change your diet and exercise.  Having a specific plan is important."

And then promise yourself that you're going to stay strong through February. 

Keep in mind, by mid-February, most new year's resolutions are out the window.

After January and February, take a look and try to reinvigorate that's where you're going to waiver. 

When it comes to what to eat, avoid food in packages with ingredients you can't pronounce. 

"Food shouldn't be complicated," says Cimperman, "The biggest thing you need to do is reduce your reliance on convenience and packaged products." Cimperman says fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean, unprocessed proteins, and low fat dairy are the building blocks of a healthy diet."

On your shopping list should be simple foods, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy and healthy protein.

And finally, get to know your kitchen. 

"When you come up with a plan, make sure you are preparing your own meals," Cimperman said. "You know what goes into the foods and it's essential for weight loss." 

The key is to take it one day at a time- set small goals!