Health Works: Summertime could be right time to rev up romance

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The next time you kiss your spouse, time it.  How long does it last? 
In Health Works, Deena Centofanti talks to a relationship expert about how many seconds the kiss should go.. 

The sun is shining, there are relaxing barbecues and new romantic movies to take in - that all adds up to making this the season supercharge the romance in your relationship.

Depending on how you define romance, "Magic Mike XXL" may or may not fit the bill. But consider this. research shows when couples go to the movies - it leads to good discussions that are as effective as therapy. 

Even if movies aren't your thing, summertime can be the right time to rev up the romance. 

Laura Berman is a nationally known relationship expert who says there are little things you can do everyday to make a big difference.

Showing affection is important, but get out the stop watch and time your kisses. 

And Berman says take care of your body so you can be active, live long and feel good about yourself- that confidence is sexy.

Berman admits sexual attraction is about much more than physical appearance. It's about a  connection and that happens in a part of the body you might not expect. 

Watch the video to learn more.