Healthworks: Cold weather pop quiz, how much do you know?

We've been talking about the dangerous cold for days, but how well are you paying attention? 

Are these cold weather sayings true or false? 

You really lost most heat from the top of your heat: false.

You lose heat from whatever body part is exposed and the head is a big body part. A 2008 report in the British Medical Journal shows we lose 7 to 10 percent of body heat through our head. So, yes wear a hat. 

Working out in the cold burns more calories: that's true. 

Don't go outside when it's dangerously cold to burn calories, but you will burn more calories in the cold. (But, it's not enough to offset that hot chocolate you'll need when you get inside.)

Teeth chattering is your body trying to warm up: that's also true.

The brain wants to keep our body at 98.6 degrees. It sends signals to warm up when that drops, and shivering and chattering is how that happens.

Cold weather increases risk of heart attack: true.

Cold temperatures can narrow arteries and raise blood pressure, both of which reduce the oxygen supply to the heart. The heart has to work harder pumping blood.

Telling a lie can make your nose warmer: weirdly, true! 

Some call it the Pinocchio effect: your nose, the area around your eyes may get warmer. We feel anxious when we tell a lie that causes temperature change.