Healthy, tasty and inexpensive gift ideas for the holidays

Looking for an inexpensive gift to give this year? We've got one that tastes delicious and is easy to make.

All you'll need is some mason jars and to do a little grocery shopping and you're ready to give an impressive gift. 

Grace Derocha, a dietitian with Blue Cross Blue Shield, joined us in studio to share some ideas with us. 

She recommends a ranch spice kit or a taco seasoning spice kit. Slap on a "season's greetings" tag (get it?) and you've got a fun, useful little gift that could work for a whole family. They're great for someone who loves to cook, or for a family that's watching their diet because these homemade blends come without all the extra sodium and preservatives.

Another go-to is what we call Grinch Balls. They're delicious mocha energy bites, with no added sugar. 

Another idea is cinnamon roasted almonds. You can easily make a big batch at one time and separate them out into all the gifts you'll need to give. The cinnamon helps stabilize sugar and almonds are a heart healthy fat. 

You can get recipes and more information on these ideas online here.