Heavy rains leave neighborhoods flooded as warning continues

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All that rain caused a lot of flooding and some streets are still underwater.

It has been a long two days for people dealing with flooding throughout the entire Metro Detroit area.

"It's ridiculous," said Salimah Welton. "Even my basement has like three feet of water."

Welton and her daughter Mya live on Pinehurst  on Detroit's westside where cars are stuck, garbage cans are floating and the fire hydrant is nearly submerged in water.

"I don't like it, because I didn't get to go to school and present my essay," said Mya Welton. "I am not going to be getting a good grade on that."

"Well they attempted it and they had rain boots on but the water (past them) and ended up in their rain boots," Salimah said.

In Grosse Pointe Park residents and professional cleaning crews are clearing out flooded basements.

"We have about 3 and a half feet (of water)," said Renee Hanson, whose basement flooded. "We lost our furnace, hot water tank, all our appliances and everything. Everything in the basement."