Henry Ford Health System warns of phone spoofing calls to "issue refund"

The Henry Ford Health System is warning of a phone spoofing scam where patients are being told they're due a "refund" from the hospital system.

HFHS said operators at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital have received up to 200 calls a day from people who report they've received calls from the hospital's main phone number - (586) 263-2300. The reality is that those numbers aren't coming from HFHS. 

Callers who have answered the number say they're greeted by someone who claims to owe the recipient money and is requesting personal banking information so they can get their "refund".

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Interim Chief Information Privacy & Security Officer for Henry Ford Health System John Fowler said when they make phone calls, it's with important information about their health. 

"This is extremely concerning. We want people to trust that when they get a call from Henry Ford we are reaching out to them with important information about their health," Fowler said. "And with hundreds of people calling each day simply because they think we’ve called them, our operators are
facing some serious challenges."

Spoofing is when scammers use a phone number that looks official and, when you search it online, it may come back as a legitimate phone number for the organization they claim to represent.

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