Scammers spoof Michigan State Police phone number to trick victims into giving them personal info, money

Scammers are using spoofing so the number that shows up when they call victims is a Michigan State Police number.

According to police, victims are getting calls that appear to be from the Brighton Post, 810-227-1051. However, it's actually scammers calling.

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The scammers are telling people that they are being investigated for crimes or that they have warrants for their arrest. They try to entice victims into giving them personal information or even money.

The scam has been happening with other police jurisdictions as well.

Troopers will never ask for credit card information, gift cards, or monetary donations. 

Sometimes troopers do call people they need to interview for an investigation, but they will coordinate in-person meetings. They also always give their badge number and name and, when asked, their supervisor’s name.

If you are unsure about the legitimacy of a caller claiming to be the police, call 911 or the MSP post for your area.